We’re having writer's block — it's really tough to define ourselves in a few sentences. I mean, have you ever tried to write a bio about yourself? It's AWFUL! Anyway, we know we don't want to sound too braggy, but here's the thing: Columbus College of Art & Design students and alumni are rad. (The work you see here is done by the CCAD Student Agency or CCAD Alumni) 

If we have to say anything about ourselves, we guess we would say something like this: 

(Cue hipster voice — is that even a thing?) Ampersand Emporium, a.k.a shopccad.org, is the online version of Columbus College of Art & Design’s on-campus store. (You can visit the real Ampersand Emporium. More deets here.) We like wacky things, absurd things, things that make you take a second look … but above all, we like well-designed things.  

Now, stop reading and get shopping already!

Ampersand Emporium's online home was designed by CCAD students with creative direction by Mike Olenick (Media Studies Still-Based, 2000).